Thursday, September 18, 2008

Made it to Hawaii

We've made it to Hawaii. We left Wake Island on the morning of 17 Sept and landed at MCB Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay on the evening 16 Sept. That International Date Line will get you every time. It definitely got the person who made our hotel reservations because they were not expecting us for another day. But they had the rooms available so it didn't matter all that much. We travel to MCAS Miramar in San Diego, CA tomorrow morning. This is the longest leg of the trip. It will take us about 6 hours to fly towards San Fransisco (closest piece of land from Hawaii) then head south to San Diego. We have to head towards San Fran since if we hit the half way point and have an issue with our jet and can no longer take fuel from the tanker then we can just make it to a suitable runway.

Here are some pictures from Wake Island. I got to do a little deep sea fishing the day we arrived. We caught a yellow tail tuna and an ono. We ate the tuna mostly raw (sushi style) and the ono as bbq steaks. They were both awesome! Nothing like fresh tuna.

Rolling out on final for Wake Island.

The was on the top of the Marine Corps memorial honoring the Marines who served on Wake Island during WWII.

Photo of me launching out of Wake Island on our way to Hawaii.

A picture of two of our aircraft over Wake Island after we circled around the island to join with the tankers that have just taken off.


Kimberly said...


You are almost home! I cannot wait to have our arms around each other. I miss you so!

Kim at Best of Hawaii Directory said...

Wow! Love your photos from the air. Welcome to our paradise ... Hawaii.