Saturday, July 4, 2009

Holy Cow! A NEW Post. . .

Well, I know I've been delinquent on posting on this blog. However, it is hard to put out anything new or interesting if your wife beats you to all the important and worth while posts.

Anyhow, to catch you all up on what is going on with me. I will be starting a new adventure soon. I was planning on going back to Japan for another deployment with a flying squadron. However, I have been picked to serve in Afghanistan instead. I will be leaving in a couple weeks and will be spending a the rest of 2009 living in a tent and sleeping in a bag on a cot. Once again I will be missing the Holiday's with my family. I will be out there during my birthday too. This isn't anything new since I usually spent my birthday growing up in camping in the Sierra Nevada's.

So, stay tuned. I will be posting quite a bit more and sharing pictures and experiences with you all from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the pictures will be taken from the ground this time. I won't be doing any combat flying missions this time around.