Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In Thailand . . . Still

Well, I'm still in Thailand. There are two aircraft that were broke down and couldn't leave with the rest of the squadron. The aircrew for the two jets and a hand full of Marines were left behind to fix the jets and fly them back to Japan when they were able to make the journey are all that remains behind. It was certainly nice to have some down time in Thailand, initially, but now we are all ready to get the hell out of here. Thailand isn't bad but it is like Groundhogs Day. Not a whole lot to do besides hang out at the hotel, eat, or visit the local bars. It has gotten very old, very quickly. Not to mention it is a drain on the pocket book.

We have been here so long that we probably will not be headed back to Japan. The rest of the squadron is packing up to launch jets to Singapore and Malaysia. We will most likely have to fly straight from here to Singapore and wait for the rest of the squadron to meet us. That is probably the easiest thing to do but this stay is killing my flight hour program. I am inches away from my 1000 hour mark in the F/A-18. Oh well, it could be worse. :)

I'll post some pictures of our adventures here when I get some decent bandwidth to upload them.


kathymac said...

Hey there, Fly Boy! Love the pics!! Thanks for the phone messages --- I got them all. Totally made my day. You have a cousin in Sinapore....I'll dig up the address. MUCH LOVE, Mom

kathymac said...

I know you may not see this right away, but hope you know we were all thinking about you on your birthday!! Can't wait to give you your birthday hug......Love Mom